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  • Safely back to school: Do you have your medical ID ready?
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    When does school start where you are? Here in Canada, most schools start after Labor (or Labour!) Day Weekend—we still have a few weeks before most parents are thinking of getting kids ready to go back to school! In many areas of the US, though, school may have started up again, or be starting very soon! Where did the summer go?!
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    When looking at your child’s school supply list, you probably also considered all of the additional medical tasks needing to be done to keep them safe at school this year—updating school health plans, action plans, getting doctors’ notes signed, and preparing for meetings with your child’s new teacher about their medical or other special needs in the classroom this year. In all the preparation, have you taken a quick look at your child’s medical ID bracelet?
    First, are they even still wearing it? Things happen! Did it get lost between a Spring concert and a Soccer game back in April and never return to their wrist? Is it stuck between the folds of the car seat, having never seen summertime? If your child’s medical ID bracelet is in need of replacing, figuring that out is the first step to getting it back on their wrist!
    Second, if it’s still on their wrist, does it still fit—and fit the kid’s personality? Did your kid hit a growth spurt this summer and their trusty medical ID bracelet is looking a little snug? Did they comment that they’d rather wear a bracelet instead of a necklace or vice-versa? Or maybe they’ve taken up a sport and their current choice of ID is getting in the way, and a sports band would work out better?
    Or maybe, in all the play and mud and sunshine and swimming, their bracelet has just seen better days—it’s still totally legible, but it’s just not something they want to be wearing anymore?
    Back to school means your child will again soon be connecting daily with people who are taking care for their safety and wellbeing—and that of dozens of other children. Medical ID is a reminder to your child’s teacher, principal, and other school staff that your child has a medical condition or special need that needs to be taken into account. It’s a visible reminder of an often invisible medical condition as they go through their day, learning and just being a kid! And medical ID allows you to know that on top of the medical plans and meetings and prescriptions and education, that you’ve done everything possible to ensure your child is safe at school—and that your child is as safe as possible if the unexpected happens.
    Check out our selection of Medical ID bracelets and necklaces—they are all stainless steel, tough, washable, easy-to-read, and ready for school. Just what the school supply list called for!
    Published by My Identity Doctor on August 7, 2018


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