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  • Remembering to Wear Your Medical ID Bracelet
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    One issue people tell me they have with wearing medical ID is simply remembering to wear it! After all, if you take off your medical ID bracelet to shower, sleep, or perhaps even to do some baking or crafting that might get your hands and wrists a bit messy, it may slip your mind to get your medical ID bracelet back where it needs to be to keep you safe—not your bedside table, bathroom or kitchen counter, but your wrist!

    The great thing about My Identity Doctor Medical ID jewelry is that it is 100% waterproof—and around here, we like to take that to mean dirt-proof, cookie-dough-proof, gym-proof, and whatever-else-you-want-to-try-proof. So, unless you’re using heavy machinery where it might get caught, or encountering medical imaging equipment that requires metal to be removed from your person, you shouldn’t have to take our bracelets off too often! As someone who has showered, swam, slept, travelled, and used a few power tools with my Identity Doc bracelet on, it’s easy to remember my medical ID because the only reason I usually take it off… is to put a different ID bracelet on! If you use your hands a lot and find a bracelet gets in the way, a Medical ID necklace may be more your style—and we have those, too!

    Here are some tips to remember to put your medical ID bracelet back on when you need to take it off for any reason:

    • Place it by important items you’ll need before you go out. Attach your bracelet to your keys, on top of your wallet or debit/credit cards/drivers license, or by your glasses at night so that you have to touch it to get to the next task!
    • Set a reminder on your phone. Seems too simple, but hey, if it works!
    • Leave a post-it note on the inside of your door—put it there when you take your bracelet off and take it off when you put your bracelet on. (If it’s there all the time, your brain will just learn to ignore it!)
    • Keep one of our Medical ID keychains on your keys… If it doesn’t jog your memory to put your bracelet back on, you’ll still be kept safe!
    • Keep an extra bracelet or pre-engraved tag with your medication while travelling. (By the way, there should be no need to remove your bracelet for airport security!)
    • Place your bracelet by or around your toothbrush, or attach to the handle of your favourite coffee mug—anything you know you’ll touch first thing in the morning!

    I personally keep my bracelet on most of the time. However, I have found myself away from home without it, and seriously, as soon as I notice my wrist just feels really weird! I know my medical ID jewelry can’t do me much good if it’s laying around somewhere miles away from me, so I try to keep it on as much as I can—after all, ADHD makes me among those who forgets or loses things approximately one to seventeen times an hour! So, by keeping my medical ID bracelet on my wrist, it’s one less thing for me to forget!

    Published by My Identity Doctor on August 23, 2017


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