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  • National Patient Safety Awareness Week
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    Patient Safety Awareness WeekHappy National Patient Safety Awareness Week from the Identity Doctor and all everyone at My-Identity-Doctor blog.

    National Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual event that seeks to inform and educate both patients and healthcare providers on ways to improve treatment efficiency, prevent recurrence, and overall streamline certain medical processes. This week encourages focus and attention on the most probable and likely opportunities for patients to be in a risky situation. Some key points that are addressed and highlighted during this informational occasion include fall prevention, avoiding health care-acquired infections, accuracy of medication administration, and various ways in which doctors and patients may reduce general diagnostic errors.

    The Identity Doctor would like to further inform and raise awareness to customers how beneficial an alert accessory may be in terms of patient safety. These jewelry pieces provide urgent details for emergency medical technicians, nurses, and doctors in the event that a patient does not have his or her wallet, an available chart or patient history report, or the ability to communicate their illness, syndrome, allergy, or disorder. This is quite possibly one of the easiest ways to increase patient safety all year long.

    Do you or someone you love suffer from a life threatening medical issue? Are you severely allergic to something? Is there imperative information that a medical professional would need to know should you not be able to communicate in the event of an emergency? Medical identity accessories not only have the potential to accelerate your acquisition of lifesaving attention, but depending on your specific situation, an alert bracelet or necklace could prevent a serious medical catastrophe. In celebration of this nationwide focus on protecting patients, we would like to offer you the opportunity to explore our wide range awareness product like medical bracelets, necklaces, tags and more.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on March 7, 2014


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