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  • National Osteoporosis Month
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    Hi there I came again, Burton. Good to see you here. Do you know that May is Osteoporosis awareness month? No, how can you not know this widespread condition? Ok I’ll tell you.

    Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which bones become flimsy and likely to rift or break, thereby affecting many people each year. It is also known as a “silent thief” because it does not show any signs or symptoms unless fracture occurs. It weakens bones and makes it prone to fractures. It causes severe pain that will go a long way leaving you detached and crestfallen. Studies suggest that one in every two women and one in every four men with age group 50 and older are at the risk of breaking bones. Nearly 80% adults suffer from this disease.

    Osteoporosis can be prevented in many cases. The first precautionary step is to recognize and get yourself detected if you are at a risk to occur osteoporosis. It can be prevented by:

    • Take foods that are high in calcium
    • Cut down on coffee and soft drinks
    • Doing enough exercises, it plays essential role in building strong muscles
    • Quit smoking
    • In taking less alcohol

    Osteoporosis month is to educate yourself and people around you. The Department of Health advises individuals to interrogate their doctor or healthcare provider if they should undergo bone density scan to detect loss in bone mass. This detection is easy and quick and painless. If you are bearing loss in height or you feel like your spine is bending, you need to talk to your doctor or medical professional straight away as the disease can be in an advanced stage. Hope, you’re now aware and will take good care of yourself and your family members. Bye!! Woof!! Woof!!

    Published by My Identity Doctor on May 6, 2013


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