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  • New Years Resolutions: Making and Keeping Them
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    Recently my mom was talking about getting a gym membership. I told her after her 2 week free trial, “Wait till after the 3rd week in January to sign up, the ‘resolutionists’ will be gone.”
    It’s true: many of us start up New Years resolutions with the best of intentions—why wouldn’t we want to start 2019 off on the right path? However, by the end of week 1, 27% of people abandon their resolution goals; by the end of week 2, that number rises to 31% [1]. And by February, 80% of people will have abandoned their resolutions. [2]
    So how do you stay on track?
    Choose a goal that’s smart!
    Check out our post from 2016 on how to set SMART goals—that’s specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound! By ensuring your goal fits these criteria, your intentions can be easier to follow through on.
    Plan ahead
    Consider how your goal will fit in with your day-to-day life. It’s difficult to plan to go to the gym every day if your kids have after school activities you’re shuttling them around to. Look at your schedule now—and what it will be like into the new year—and plan ahead for how goals that you want to accomplish a number of days per week will best fit in your schedule—and that goes for meal planning, too! There may be days that you’re more tempted to just grab fast food than others—preparing meals and healthy snacks you can eat on the go can help keep you satisfied until you get home, and avoid any convenience stores, vending machines, or snack bars (both the concession stand and candy variety!) in your path! And, where it comes to working out, it’s usually best to schedule workouts early in the day—when you’re less likely to be too tired to do them!—or schedule workouts on a day where you’re generally not busy or stressed. With that said, stressy days may be the best workout days, to burn off that “negative energy” and channel it into your workout, and help you feel better!
    Take your medical ID along for the adventure
    My IDentity Doctor medical ID bracelets and necklaces are made of stainless steel, which means they’re both tough enough for your workouts and don’t care if they get sweaty or soaked in a pool. While our sports bands may be the most comfortable, there are many options of both medical ID bracelets and medical necklaces to choose from to keep you safe while exercising!
    Chat with your doctor
    And speaking of safe, always check with your doctor before you make significant lifestyle changes like exercise and diet—especially if you have certain chronic conditions or take certain medications. They may have tips for you, or recommend you see a dietitian or exercise physiologist to help you get started—and stay on the right track—given your health needs.
    What are your resolutions this year?
    Published by My Identity Doctor on December 28, 2018


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