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  • National Sleep Awareness Week
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    National Sleep Awareness WeekWe’re right smack dab in the middle of sleep awareness week, and I think I could use a nap. No, I’m serious. I’m really tired, and I know that I’m not alone. The National Sleep Foundation celebrates this annual event in order to raise awareness and spread scientific research discoveries on the function and imperative nature of healthy sleeping habits. Especially since we live in a society that is constantly going, over stimulated, and entirely reliant on technology, we could all use a frequent reminder to slow down and just rest.

    Although age and gender differences result in a variety of experts’ recommended sleep patterns, ensuring that we are getting optimal sleep is certainly determined by our routine, or lack thereof. In order to experience the most restful and consistent sleep, medical professionals encourage the establishment of a fairly regular nighttime routine. More useful tips from the National Sleep Foundation can be found here.

    Inadequate sleep is not only physically and mentally exhausting, but our bodies are much more susceptible to disease and damage resulting from a lack of sleep. In fact, the cellular repair systems in our bodies take advantage of our sleep patterns to conduct the necessary adjustments, growth, replacements, and improvements.

    National Sleep Awareness week was established to encourage people to evaluate their sleeping habits, address any potential problems or concerns, and pursue a healthier rest schedule. In light of daylight savings time, which is this upcoming weekend FYI, this is the perfect opportunity for you to adjust your habits and make sleep a priority. With a similar mentality for medical awareness, My Identity Doctor would like to wish everyone a happy sleep week! Let their products continue to raise awareness for a variety of other different disorders and ailments, all year-long. Check out our detailed product line of medical jewelry and accessories at My-Identity-Doctor website. Now, in celebration of this week, I think I’ll go treat myself to a nap.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on March 9, 2014


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