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  • National Scleroderma Awareness Month
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    Hey friends, this is Burton’s blog written by me, the one and only magical blogging shop pup, Burton.  Here you’ll find the most current awareness events going in the month and guess what, I’m going to write it.  June is a National scleroderma awareness month.

    Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease where the body is attacked by its immune system.  It causes thickening and binding of skin.  It also causes damage to organs such as heart, kidneys and lungs.  This disease affects around 300,000 people across the U.S. Approximately; same numbers of people are also affected by multiple sclerosis.

    Scleroderma Foundation has recognized June as Scleroderma Awareness Month, with annual awareness and fundraising events.  It is the leading sponsor of the Scleroderma Awareness Month.  Systemic scleroderma is more common in adults.  It is developed in any age group from infants to elders, but it is more frequent in age groups 25-55.  The exact cause is still unknown but scientists are doing their efforts to find it.

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    The diagnosis process of scleroderma requires consultation of rheumatologists and dermatologists, it may also require blood tests and other tests relying on the organ affected.  Mild symptoms can become worse if not treated properly.  Immediate and appropriate treatment and examination by expert physicians minimizes the symptoms of scleroderma and reduce the chances of any damages.

    Each case of scleroderma is different from other and should be discussed with your doctor.  Scleroderma awareness month is to make people in your families and friends and around you aware of this disease and its irreversible changes.

    Having a sclerosis bracelet won’t cure your disease but it will help you as well as medical experts to recognize your disease in case of emergency and other disastrous situations.  You can buy sclerosis bracelets for your loved ones on our website.  Till then, I will come along with a new awareness:  Aphasia Awareness.

    I could really use your help by help raising awareness! Please share this with your friends.  Here is also a print out you can use of a Scleroderma Awareness ribbon!

    Do you have any kind of support groups, awareness related events you can share with me?  Would love to hear from you.

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    Here is our Scleroderma Awareness ribbon you can download and print! Please share with your friends on Facebook, twitter and other!

    Published by My Identity Doctor on June 11, 2013


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