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  • National Preparedness Month and Medical ID Jewelry
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    September is National Preparedness Month and it is being sponsored by FEMA. The purpose of National Preparedness Month is to educate all Americans to be prepared for any emergency type situation. We need to be prepared for any emergency situation whether it be terrorist attack, health emergencies, or natural disasters

    The truth is nobody can predict a dangerous emergency situation, so we must prepare for them before they happen. If we fail to prepare, emergency situations can become even more disastrous for us in the long run. Think about all of the natural weather disasters that have happened over the last few years. We have seen everything from massive hurricanes and tornado outbreaks, to disastrous flooding and tsunamis. Ask yourself if any of these disasters happened to you and your family would you have a backup plan? Do you have something to fall back on and are you sufficiently prepared? If the answer is no, now is the time to act and make smart plans in the chance that something happens.

    Another type of emergency we should all be prepared for, especially because these emergencies happen every day, is health conditions. If you or your loved one has a medical condition or disease you need to be prepared in the case of an emergency. One great way to be prepared for these type of situations is to wear a medical ID. There are different varieties to choose from and they can save a life in the event of an emergency.

    My Identity Doctor specializes in making reliable and quality medical ID jewelry. They use black ink on all of their pieces to help the lettering stand out and be easier to read. All medical emergency personnel is trained to look for a medical ID on a person in an emergency. Wearing a medical ID bracelet or necklace can help doctors and paramedics diagnose the problem quicker and it also helps when someone has allergies to certain medications, the paramedic or doctor would know and this results in making sure an emergency situation does not become worse.

    If you need quality medical ID jewelry that you can rely on, check out My Identity Doctor today.



    Published by My Identity Doctor on September 18, 2014


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