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  • National Men’s Health Week
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    mens health awarenessMen’s Health Week is celebrated yearly the week prior to, and including Father’s Day. This day acknowledges all males and their need to focus on their health and well being. The first Men’s Health Week was celebrated in 1994, and focused on the prevention and early detection of diseases that are primarily affected by males.

    Men’s Health Week advanced to an International level in 2002, when six health organization representatives from across the globe, met in Vienna, Austria at the 2nd World Congress and made the decision to expand this important week around the world. The goal is to increase awareness and the need for proper screenings and care for all males.

    During Men’s Health Week, you will find that there are many free health screenings available at local clinics, there are presentations by well known public figures, health fairs, seminars and awareness campaigns geared for the public.

    Many people who observe Men’s Health Week will be seen wearing a blue ribbon. This ribbon is in support of Prostate Cancer Awareness, although this is only one of the major health concerns in the male community. Other health issues that men face are diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, suicide, and various other health concerns.

    Often, men’s health care is overlooked. As a society, we need to put more focus on programs that are geared toward the health and wellness of boys and men. As with women, early detection of disease or injury can make a difference in the final outcome of the patient. Be sure to take advantage of the free services, screenings and programs that are offered during this week. You will be glad you did.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on June 14, 2014


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