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  • National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month
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    There are many health conditions that are lifelong and require specific medical care in the event of an emergency. Hydrocephalus is a brain condition that involves cerebrospinal fluid fluid not draining properly from the brain and collecting in the skull. In order to raise awareness for this condition, the month of September has been set aside by the  as national awareness month for this specified condition.

    What Does This Condition Entail?

    This condition is sometimes called “water on the brain” and results in a wide variety of symptoms for sufferers of this condition. Hydrocephalus often results in painful headaches and increased pressure in the head due to the excess fluid. If this condition is not treated properly it can lead to serious brain damage. However, if it is diagnosed early and treatment is acquired, recovery is possible for most children diagnosed.

    What Causes Hydrocephalus?

    This condition is caused when the brain is not functioning properly. This leads to cerebrospinal fluid flowing through passageways in the brain that it is not designed to. The fluid accumulates as a result and can even be absorbed into the bloodstream in some cases. This condition is often present at birth and has the highest success rate of recovery if diagnosed at this time.

    Spreading the Word

    Hydrocephalus is a condition that more and more people need to be aware of. It is serious and can be life threatening, but with proper treatment recovery is possible. September is the time to start spreading the word about this condition and what can be done to help those suffering with Hydrocephalus.

     Mission of My Identity Doctor

    My Identity Doctor is on a mission to help individuals suffering from certain conditions make it more known. Medical ID bracelets are available and are engraved with safety in mind to alert those around you of your health conditions. Now first responders and medical doctors will be aware of your condition no matter what state you are in. National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month is designed to help promote an understanding of this condition, but also to help build awareness about medical safety.

    My Identity Doctor is dedicated to helping individuals deal with their health conditions in the safest way possible. Simply having a medical ID bracelet to wear makes a world of difference, when it comes to health safety. Now is the time to build awareness and make your health a priority.


    Published by My Identity Doctor on September 23, 2014


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