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  • National Food Safety Education Month
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    September is the National Food Safety Education Month. In this month, an annual campaign is celebrated in order to spread and increase awareness on food safety education. There are several active agencies like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or Environment Health Services that offer resources to the people for identifying food-borne and waterborne illness and disease outbreaks. People can use these resources to get more information about the food safety and food related-diseases in order to prevent them or take appropriate actions to save life, if one is encounters any of such diseases.

    Every family must consider the importance of food safety and the precautions which are supposed to be taken in everyday life. The percentage of people who suffer from food allergies is increasing every year. Some of these allergies can severe enough to take away a life. Therefore, it is important to follow two steps that can work as precautions for saving one’s life when it comes to preventing allergy or minimizing its effects. The first step is to identify and research in details about the type of allergy that one suffers from. This will allow the person to stay away from these allergic foods. The second step is to find a way to communicate this information about oneself, to another person in case of an allergy attack. This can be done by having an allergy medical bracelet and jewelry made from The allergy medical bracelet will have the medical information of the wearer engraved in black so that in case of an emergency, a doctor can immediately treat the person. In unforeseen situations, a doctor or a stranger will be able to help the wearer of allergy medical bracelet from by recognizing the mentioned allergies or the medical record that the wearer has. This will be an excellent way to safeguard one’s life and can help one in achieving that goal with its medical jewelry.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on September 24, 2014


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