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  • National Fireworks Safety Month
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    national fireworks safetyThe period of fireworks displays (National Fireworks Safety Month) run from June 1 to July 4 of every year. The time is always regarded as a period of celebrations. Fireworks display started in China. It has become customs for most families to go to big community fireworks display. Some families will also like to display fireworks in their backyards. To avoid injuries like burns in the eyes, hands and heads, most especially for children, there are some precautions to take with fireworks displays.

    The fireworks that results in injury are the illegal ones like M-80s, cherry bombs and ash cans. Bottle rockets are also illegal culprits since the rocket can explode prematurely in the bottle leading to deafness, loss of fingers, eye injury, burns and eye removal. Consequently, safety should be the watchword during this period. Some of the tips for safety during this period of firework displays include the following:

    • Purchase fireworks from trusted and accredited manufacturers only.

    • Plan ahead of the display. Read the instruction that comes with the fireworks for guides and safety.

    • Don’t hold fireworks while lighting them. Place them on the ground or on another flat surface.

    • Light one firework at a time.

    • Prior to use, store fireworks in a cool, dry, safe and secure place. Keep it away from children and any place that can possibly cause ignition.

    • Do not attempt to explode fireworks inside a container.

    • Wear a pair of safety glass when setting fireworks and do not place your eyes or any other parts of your body directly over the device.

    These are just some of numerous tips to ensure hitch free celebrations. Do not overlook these simple tips. Doing so may lead to regrettable consequences. Be safety conscious. It is highly important.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on June 22, 2014


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