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  • National Epilepsy Month 2014
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    Our health must always be prioritized and must always be our main concern. We must always take good care of ourselves to ensure healthy lifestyle. Since there can be many illnesses or ailments that might attack us, we must always be protected and ready. Having regular check-ups will be of help and observing proper lifestyle as well. Being aware about our health is one of the best things we can do to spare ourselves from any health problems or issues.

    One of the common health problems that must be given full attention is the ailment epilepsy. It is a common neurological disorder that is poorly understood by many. Epilepsy is a condition or a complicated spectrum disorders which  results in devastating effects to a person. Since many are not aware of what epilepsy is, November is considered as National Month for Epilepsy Awareness this year. It is a way for many people to know more about the said disorder. We are aiming for you to be equipped with ideas and information about epilepsy. Here are some of the purposes of National Epilepsy Month 2014:

    • Provide facts about the epilepsy including epilepsy symptoms and things to do on how to cure an epileptic person. To educate the people for eliminating the occurrence of the ailment.
    • Make the public aware about this disorder and to have deeper understanding about the condition of having epilepsy.
    • Inform everyone about those services and programs intended for the person with epilepsy, be it local or international.

    With those purposes, we are aiming to make everyone an icon to change the point of view about epilepsy. We all have the ability to help one another. Actually for better spreading of the issue, epilepsy awareness bracelets are provided to remind everyone the importance of being aware of the disorder. The whole month of November will be devoted to ensure that everyone will be well-educated about epilepsy.

    In connection with this, we are also into promoting medical jewelry, bracelet and medical ID for patients. These are the latest creations in the world of medicine which greatly help in terms of one’s health life. These will provide assurance about proper medical attention enabling to limit errors or misdiagnosis. The use of medical jewelry will also be helpful in times of emergency wherein it can identify your medical condition. If provided with proper information, these can be a reason to save your life. Many doctors and other specialists are now trained on how to work with these jewelries for them to provide the needed treatment. The use of medical bracelets will not just save your life as well as your pocket and wallet for it can help you save money due to hospital bills.

    All the things that are related to our health must always be considered. This month we must learn to be more aware about one’s health particularly about the disorder epilepsy. We know how hard it is to have illness, so it is very important to take all the necessary things to avoid having any ailment.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on November 4, 2014


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