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  • National Down Syndrome Awareness Month
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    October is Down syndrome awareness month and it is approaching very fast. The purpose of this month is to make people aware of what Down syndrome is and how they can help people who have it. There are many different ways to show your support during this month such as wearing a Down syndrome awareness ribbon or bracelet.

     Down syndrome is disease where people have an extra chromosome in their DNA make up. This type of disease can not be inherited and you can not get it from being around someone who has Down syndrome. It is solely a disease based on the chromosome make up inside the body and it cause mental delays in the person who has it.

     When you want to make people aware of something it is your goal to show your support for Down syndrome as much as you can help people understand what it is all about. One way you can show your support for people who have Down syndrome would be to walk the Buddy walk with the Down syndrome community. This walk is to support your local community that has Down syndrome people living in it. While you are walking with them, you can wear the Down syndrome awareness ribbon or bracelet.

     People with Down syndrome may have difficulties doing things in life but they are still people and they are worth your time and effort to help support them in everything they do. That is why during the month of October it is very important to take a minute out of your time and show your support for those men, women and children who suffer from Down syndrome.

     Not only will you be wearing a ribbon or bracelet to show your support but you may also see of them wearing medical bracelet to help make people aware of Down Syndrome. Medical bracelets for patient’s are very important because not only will they alert medical personnel what may be wrong but they also show others that they have a problem. Without medical bracelets for patients people with Down syndrome may go unnoticed or made of fun because of certain things they do. The medical bracelets make people aware there is a problem so they will not make fun of people that do things differently.

     It is very important to make people aware of the problems people with Down syndrome face so that everyone will understand what it is and get people with Down syndrome the help they deserve. The best way to make people understand is to make them aware there is a problem and help them to understand what it is. To do this you will want to wear the Down syndrome awareness ribbon or bracelet during October to help show your support for people who have Down syndrome.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on October 16, 2014


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