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  • National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
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    colon-cancer-awareness-month-american-cancer-societyGlobally, cancer of the rectum and cancer is known to the fourth leading cause of cancer in women and third leading cause in men. The colorectal cancer frequency varies all over the world. This life threatening disease is common in Western world and is said to be rare in Africa and Asia. The incidence of developing colorectal cancer increases in countries where individuals commonly follow the western diets.

    A Close Glimpse on Colorectal Cancer

    • This type of cancer is medically known as a malignant tumor that arises from the large intestine’s inner wall.

    • The colorectal cancer risk factors include colon polyps, heredity as well as standing ulcerative colitis.

    • Most cases of colorectal cancers were found out to develop from the polyps. Colon polyps removal can help fight this type of cancer.

    • Early cancer and colon polyps usually do not have symptoms. Regular screening is, therefore, highly necessary.

    • Diagnosis of this cancer can be performed through barium enema or through colonoscopy with cancer tissue biopsy confirmation.

    • The treatment for colorectal cancer will depend on several factors like size, location, extent of the cancer spread and also the health and age of patients.

    • Surgical procedure is the most typical colorectal cancer treatment undertaken.

    The Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

    Building awareness plays a vital part in helping increase screening and minimizes mortality rates. It was in February 2000 when President Clinton officially announced March as the National Colon Cancer Awareness Month. This month has become the rallying point of colon cancer community since then. The awareness month was joined and supported by thousands of cancer survivors, patients, advocates and caregivers all over the country. Together, these individuals spread cancer awareness by wearing anything blue during educational events and fundraising.

    As part of this cancer awareness month, NCCRT or National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable introduced Blue Star as the official symbol of the battle against this deadly disease since 2004. In connection with this, blue medical bracelets are now being worn by individuals who consider themselves as instruments of promoting awareness.

    Colon cancer awareness bracelets have become a significant and dominant part of colon and colorectal cancer awareness month. These medical bracelets and medical jewelry have been adopted and worn by informed individuals as well as the major groups that comprise the cancer communities. The blue colored star seen in medical bracelets and other medical jewelries does not only promote colorectal cancer awareness. The star also represents the eternal memory of individuals who unfortunately lost their lives because of this life threatening disease.

    Be a part of the colorectal cancer awareness month. Wear your own medical bracelet or jewelry and help promote the shining hope for cancer free future. The colorectal cancer awareness month can make a big difference and it pays to be well informed about this deadly disease to decrease the number of individuals developing this disease and the death rates as well. It is never too late if someone is informed about what to do to fight this disease.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on March 12, 2015


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