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  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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    Breast cancer awareness month

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    October is approaching with the Annual Breast Cancer Awareness program. The program has been facilitated to help women around the world be aware of this deadly disease that they might not be aware of. For that this program runs campaigns all over the world to ensure that each and every woman is cautious of this disease and the safety plans needed to prevent it. The program encourage men and women all over the world to help in making others aware about it so that the annually on going campaign reaches its goal of global awareness and prevention.

    The steps were initially formulated by the National Breast Cancer Foundation by Janelle Hail who had survived this deadly disease and felt the pain and hardships of this torment. She wanted the women of the world understand the risks of this disease and hence led this campaign which is now known all over the world. The foundation hosts this awareness month where women get free mammograms and other educational stuff focusing on awareness related to breast cancer. It is true that modern world is stimulated more by the materialistic things. This has led to many new methods of breast cancer awareness where the use of souvenirs and other breast cancer awareness jewelry are provided. The goal here is to make them be aware of this atrocity that leads to the death of numerous women worldwide each year.

    The most notable item used as a souvenir and also as the main logo for awareness is the pink colored ribbon which displays the united support for this campaign. Anyone who supports the awareness month might be seen pinned up with this awareness ribbon. Other items that might be used for the event are the medical ID bracelets & necklaces. And not only public campaigns but also many popular organizations of the world support the campaign to give their full support in the process. Sports organizations such as the World Wrestling Entertainment is known to have supported them every year. The medical ID bracelets & necklaces might be a good way to promote the support. Event fundraisers help to donate heavy sums each year. However, the real support is needed from you by not feeling pity but by exhibiting your respect for women of the world. The risky physical conditions that they face got to be known to the world so that they voluntarily support for Breast cancer awareness every year.


    Published by My Identity Doctor on October 13, 2014


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