Who should wear Medical Alert ID Bracelets

Medical alert ID Bracelet should be worn by people that have various different medical conditions. They should be worn 24/7 in case there was ever any kind of emergency were your ID would list your information needed for a medical professional to know right away. An Emergency ID should be worn on the left arm, need clean, clear high contrasting engraving with simple yet informative information. Medical conditions, allergies, prescriptions can all be very important to a medical professional in times of emergency. Bellow is a small list of conditions people should consider getting a medical ID for.

-Allergies (Food, Medications, Insects)
-Blood Disorders
-Blood Thinners
-Safety Reasons for Children and Seniors
-Cardiac Conditions (heart patients)
-Rare Diseases
-Stroke risk/patients
-Child medical patients left alone with caretakers
-People taking various medications
-Children with Special Needs
-Senior medical patients
-Epilepsy & other Seizure issues
-Important Surgeries
-Pulmonary Conditions

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