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  • Medical Alert Bracelets for Heart Patients: Why You Should Wear One
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    If you are a heart patient, you know how scary it can be at the thought of another heart attack, stroke, or complication due to a heart related illness. What’s worse is the idea of being unprotected during an emergency and unable to verbally express your past medical history to paramedics. Many heart conditions could have been prevented if the patient had only worn a medical ID bracelet. A heart patient bracelet can be the difference between a medical emergency and a fatality. If you are a family member of a heart patient, make sure they get a medical ID bracelet immediately. There are also many heart patient bracelets on the market that are very attractive and look just like normal jewelry.Heart Patient bracelet

    Who Should Wear A Heart Patient Bracelet?

    Anyone who’s had a recent heart attack, even if it’s mild, especially those taking blood thinning medication, need a medical alert bracelet. During times of cardiac arrest or any other heart complication, you may not have the capacity to speak to paramedics, and thus your heart patient bracelet will help to speak for you. It can help the paramedics to diagnose and treat you much quicker than if they had to spend extra time diagnosing your symptoms. This is essential to have, when the difference between seconds and minutes can save your life. Patients with heart disease and arrhythmia or any other heart complications should also wear a heart patient bracelet. Since Paramedics are trained to look for these bracelets first in an emergency, you can expedite treatment and prevent a life threatening situation.

    What Should Be Engraved on My Medical Alert Bracelet?

    If you are a heart patient, your medical ID bracelet should have “heart patient” engraved on it. This includes those who have had a recent heart attack, stroke, or is diagnosed with heart disease. For those who have arrhythmia, which is characterized by an irregular heartbeat, should have ARRYTHMIA engraved on their bracelet. This medical ID will alert the paramedics immediately and assist them in their decision on how to adequately treat you.

    Protect Your Heart: Get Your Medical Alert ID Bracelet

    While these bracelets can be life-saving, they are also attractive to wear and look just like normal jewelry. Most of the medical alert bracelets are made of brushed steel, which is safe for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic. A heart patient bracelet means peace of mind for heart patients and their families. Find the highest quality medical alert bracelets at Many options can be purchased pre-engraved, to save you time and unnecessary hassle. Protect your heart and put your mind at ease, by purchasing a heart patient bracelet now.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on February 28, 2015


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