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  • Medic Alert for traveling abroad with Alzheimer’s
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    alzheimersHello, I read an article on Alzheimer’s today morning, and thought my readers would also be interested in reading or even sharing it with their friends or colleagues or family. So, let’s start directly with our today’s blog on how we should plan our trip to abroad while suffering with Alzheimer’s.

    Traveling is an important part of modern living. Traveling is the best way to take break from routine and also perfect way to relax. Some people choose to travel alone, though it can be difficult for Alzheimer’s patient to travel with such medical condition. If you are living with Alzheimer’s, it should not stop you from traveling.

    It is important for alzheimer patients to travel with one of your friend or guardian so that your travel goes smoothly. It is essential to acknowledge the problems and benefits of travel for alzheimer’s. When you look for the needs, safety and preferences of alzheimer’s while traveling, it is good to follow below tips and advices.

    • Plan your trip early and make detailed list which will help you later. Carry a documentation that explains your medical and personal information.
    • Change in environment triggers alzheimer’s. It can be difficult for any alzheimer sufferer to proceed in a new place or environment.
    • While traveling, inform the airlines that you’re suffering with alzheimer’s so that they can provide help and assist you.
    • Keep a bag of essentials with you all the time containing medicines, medical reports or information, snacks, water and contact details of doctor or family member.
    • Create a travel plan that consists detailed information about each destination and carry with you at all times. Don’t forget to handover a copy to emergency contact at home.
    • If you will be residing in a hotel, inform the hotel staff about your specific requirements so they can prepare to help you anytime.
    • Maintain daily routine during your travel trip. This will help to keep you away from confusion.
    • It is an advice for alzheimer’s sufferers to travel in day time.
    • Always wear alzheimers bracelets so that in case you have an attack, it would assist you to recognize and get back to your place.
    • Don’t hesitate to ask for help from unknown person in a new place.

    Travel can be flourishing and good if done with proper conditions and planning. It is also necessary to take advice of your doctor or specialist before planning a trip abroad. It is necessary to plan your holiday carefully in order to prevent further problems. Get proper balance of everything to suit your travel needs and you will enjoy a good time. We would love to hear your precautionary steps from you, so our other friends will also get to know it.

    So friends, bye for now. Have a good time & Enjoy your trip!!!

    Published by My Identity Doctor on July 9, 2013


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