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  • MEDIC ALERT for traveling abroad with a Diabetes
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    Hello friends, your favorite shop puppy, that’s right, Burton is here to tell you about one more interesting topic. Whether for work or pleasure, people always find it fun to travel. And why one shouldn’t? Everyone loves to explore and experience new world around them. Having diabetes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel. With proper planning and measures, you can enjoy safe and comfortable trip even while you are traveling overseas.

    One of the most important tips is having your medical bracelet translated.  The above example is one we did for a lady going to Japan.  Below are some other translations for Diabetes.  We can engrave any language for you, just send us the information.

    If you’re intending to plan a trip overseas and you’re diabetic, you need extra planning such as how to manage with changing time zones, change in meal patterns, necessary vaccinations and different climatic conditions. Remember good preparation is the key to good traveling. Here are some tips that can help with your travels.

    • Keep a small bag with you at all times: It is recommended for diabetics to carry a small pouch with essentials such as insulin and syringes, blood and urine testing supplies, medications like antibiotic ointment, vomiting drugs, diabetes identity card, and snacks.
    • Look after yourself properly: Always wear comfortable shoes and check your feet for any cuts, bruises, scratches or swelling. Proper diabetes control and foot care can help you prevent foot sores that are common during travel.
    • Be careful about what you eat: Traveling means eating different foods at different times. If you are unaware of the ingredients in any food item, ask for the list of ingredients. If possible, carry your own snacks and eat after every two hours.
    • Drink lots of water: While traveling or in flight, try to drink plenty of water. Not drinking much water may lead to dehydration that can cause mild discomfort, scratchy eyes, fatigue and respiratory problems for people suffering asthma or other breathing conditions. Drink water and avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol.
    • Consult your doctor: Before you go out for a holiday or work trip, consult your doctor. Ask your doctor for prescriptions and a letter that explains about your diabetes medications, supplies and allergies. This will help first responders or doctors to treat you in an emergency.
    • Wear a diabetes ID bracelet: It is essential for diabetic people to wear a diabetes ID bracelet or diabetes jewelry that inform others of their diabetes condition. These diabetes bracelet help paramedics and other medical experts to treat people with proper care and immediate medications.


    When you’re traveling, it is important to have diabetes id bracelets in various languages so that no matter in which country you’re you will surely receive immediate treatment. One of our speciality is black engraving which helps first responders to easily see and read the medical condition on medical IDs. Before traveling with diabetes bracelets in a different language, it is essential to make sure the information conveyed in it is accurate. It is easy to read these diabetes id bracelets as the medical symbol is recognized globally. Below are examples of how diabetes can be said in various languages.

    • diabète (FRENCH)
    • diabete (ITALIAN)
    • 당뇨병 (KOREAN)
    • диабет (RUSSIAN)
    • โรคเบาหวาน (THAI)
    • bệnh tiểu đường (VIETNAMESE)
    • 糖尿病 (Chinese & Japanese)
    • مرض السكري (Arabic)

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    Published by My Identity Doctor on June 7, 2013


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