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  • Lung Cancer Awareness Month
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    Depositphotos_17005831_sNovember of every year is generally known as the lung cancer awareness month in the United States. Lung cancer is one of the cancers that kill easily and there are many reasons responsible for this phenomenon. Lung cancer awareness is an avenue to sensitize the general public on the reality of lung cancer, how to prevent and avoid the deadly disease. The month of November is therefore chosen to use the period to sensitize the general public on precautions to take to avoid being a victim of lung cancer.

    Causes of Lung Cancer

    There are a number of things that can lead to lung cancer. Some of the reasons are discussed as follows:

    Smoking: There is a general consensus that the number one cause of lung cancer is smoking. The chance of contacting is increased in many folds for those who are perpetual users of cigarette.

    Radon gas exposure: The level of exposure to radon to radon has accepted rate that will not constitute threat to health. It becomes a risk when the level is exceeded. There are some places across United States where radon level is believed to be very high. USA Radon will give you information about radon level in your area and it is also possible to know the level of radon around your house.

    High Level of exposure to certain chemicals: The United States is an industrialized nation. Hence, there are some chemicals that are released by these industries. Asbestos, Silica and Diesel exhaust are some of the chemicals that may constitute risk to developing lung cancer. It is true that the use of asbestos has been banned in the US and the level of exposure to these chemicals is very low these days compared to years prior to 1960. However, lung cancer usually takes long to develop. So, exposure to one or all of these chemicals is still potential cause of lung cancer in many people.

    Air Pollution: It is another main cause of lung cancer. Polluted air has been one of the majorly accepted threats to human health. Lung cancer had been developed by many people as a result of continuous exposure to air pollution at homes or in working placed.

    Lung diseases: People who have been victim of lung diseases are believed to be at risk of developing lung cancer. Tuberculosis is a lung disease that can cause scarring of lung which constitutes more risks of developing lung cancer.

    Lowered Immunity: HIV and AIDS patients have lower immunity which may increase the risk of contracting lung cancer. This is simply because HIV and AIDs lowers the immunity of body against diseases, thus making the body more susceptible to certain diseases such as lung cancer.

    There are other causes of lung cancer which cannot be discussed explicitly in this post but the major causes have been brought to fore to sensitize US citizens about the major causes of lung cancer. It is believed that these will help to guard against being a victim of one of the most deadly cancer in human history.

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    Published by My Identity Doctor on November 18, 2014


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