Lifetime Engraving Guarantee

Medical Bracelet & Medical ID Necklace Lifetime Engraving Guarantee

Bark, Woof, Arf Arf ! ... That was Burton our shop puppy trying to say.....
“We are very proud to be the first and only ones to offer a lifetime medical ID engraving warranty!”

Our lifetime engraving warranty will replace/fix your medical ID plate

if your engraving is ever illegible.


We started this business with the idea of increasing your safety and ensuring you have a medical bracelet you can trust. We have been engraving for 20+ years and watched traditional and BLACK engraving fade off. Yes even the black engraving.

We have invested A-LOT of time and money in perfecting the
BLACK engraving for our medical bracelets to be easily read, last a lifetime, and make you feel safe. This is no easy task, and not easily attainable. After many years in the work, we are proud to say our BLACK engraving on our medical ID bracelets and necklaces will last a lifetime.

 To qualify:

  • Engraving can not be altered, or harmed intentionally or un-naturally
  • Your engraved information must be illegible
  • Your medical ID must be engraved and purchased directly from us

       In the event your medical ID needs to be replaced:

  • You will need to ship original medical bracelet or medical ID necklace back to us
  • Proof you purchased from us will be required. We will help you no problem : )
  • The same exact medical ID and engraving will be used without change. If exact ID plate is un-available, similar valued item and color will be substituted.
  • Contact us before sending for a smooth and easy process : )
  • After 1 year, return shipping/return handling is not covered. Please see Repairs & Returns for return information.
Buy from the original medical ID bracelet company that focuses on your safety first.
"The Most Trusted Black Lifetime Engraving you can see and trust"

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Lifetime engraving warranty has no cash value, and can not be exchanged for refund or money back. Most up to date warranty and return shipping policy will be used when program is being utilized by customer. 

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