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  • July Awareness Days and Events
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    july awareness daysHello, my dear friends, your typing shop doggy, Burton. Have you guys missed me? I have missed you all a lot. Last month we read of all the awareness months and days and other events happening in the month of June. Guess what? In this July health awareness month also I’m gonna write on all the awareness events taking place in July. Let’s get to the list of days and events of July’s Awareness month.

    • Cord Blood Awareness Month:

    Cord Blood Awareness Month is to raise awareness of medical value of umbilical cord blood. It also motivates to learn more about cord blood research. This has been used for more than 20 years to safely and efficiently treat more than 80 diseases. For more information, contact: Dr. Frances Verter | Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation | |

    • Fireworks Safety Month:

    Fireworks Safety Month is to educate people and specially children on the safe and proper use of fireworks in order to avoid any severe injuries. Prevent Blindness America is encouraging people to take necessary steps for safety and also help other to pass on this. For more information, contact: Prevent Blindness America | 800.331.2020 | |

    • Bladder Cancer Awareness Day – July 17

    July 17 has been designated as Bladder Cancer Awareness Day. The American Bladder Cancer Society is encouraging people to spread the word and raise awareness about Bladder Cancer. a disease that affects more than half million people in U.S. For more information, contact: Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network | (301) 215-9099 | |

    • UV Safety Month

    July is UV Safety Month. This month is the best time to remind people about the dangers of exposure to UV radiation and also ways to protect them in sun. This month is to spread the word about skin cancer and its prevention strategies. For more information, contact: United States Environmental Protection Agency | 1-800-296-1996 | |

    • Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

    Juvenile arthritis affects nearly 300,000 children in the United States. Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month is to educate people about arthritis in kids and its effect on lives of children’s, teens, and families. For more information, contact: Public Relations | Arthritis Foundation | 404.965.7595 | |

    Here you will find everything about July awareness days, and awareness months going around with detailed information and more interesting stuff. Health awareness events are helpful to reach out to people and improve their lives.  Hope you will find it interesting.

    Goodbye my friends. Allow me to go so that I can come again with more information about these months awareness events. We give out free awareness ribbons you can download and share, so please check back.

    Yours Burton,

    Arf! Woof! Woof!

    Published by My Identity Doctor on July 3, 2013


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