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  • January is Thyroid Awareness Month
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    January is Thyroid Awareness Month
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    January is considered as National Thyroid Awareness Month. According to researches, almost 30 million of Americans usually suffer from thyroid disorder and more and more people undiagnosed each year. It is very imperative that you are familiar and aware about the overall health of your thyroid and how you can take good care of your organ. Enlarged thyroid and thyroid nodules are recognized as the common problems that can lead to cancer. It is true that thyroid disorder require proper treatment and evaluation.

    Patients with thyroid disorder are being referred to a professional neck and head surgeon or endocrinologist. The month of January is considered as Thyroid Awareness month that usually aims to bring attention on how to take good care of your tiny gland within your neck. Aside from this, patients are recommended to undergo work-up and thyroidectomy. According to studies, thyroidectomy is the process of removing a part of your thyroid gland for a various reasons such as removal of your thyroid gland due to definitive diagnosis, removal of the thyroid cancer, treatment of hyperactive thyroid gland and enlarged thyroid gland that can cause swallowing and breathing difficulties.

    Thyroid gland is butterfly-shaped and small gland that can be found in the base of your neck. It is closely near to the Adam’s apple of men. Although the thyroid gland is small, it has the ability to influence the important organs of your body that includes skin, kidneys, liver, brain and heart. Ensuring that your thyroid gland is functioning properly and healthy plays a vital role for the overall health of your body.

    It is a fact that thyroid cancer is curable however it is very imperative that patients who are suffering from thyroid cancer will undergo proper medication and treatment as well as regular check-up to their professional physician. The first treatment for thyroid cancer is the removal of your thyroid gland and there are also times that your lymph nodes will also be removed. With the expertise and help of experienced and fully skilled surgeon, the removal of thyroid gland can be successfully accomplished with low risks of complications.

    The thyroid awareness month includes different awareness events and also use thyroid awareness ribbon and thyroid awareness bracelets to spread awareness. It is very important that you are familiar and aware about the possible dangers of thyroid disorder. Thyroid Awareness Month will serve as a great reminder to people that they need to take good care of the overall health of their thyroid gland.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on January 11, 2015


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