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  • it’s Healthy Weight Week!
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    Did you know Healthy Weight Week has been going on for 21 years?! [1] The Healthy Weight Network describes Healthy Weight Week as “a time to celebrate healthy diet-free living habits that last a lifetime and prevent eating and weight problems.” [1] It also enforces that regardless of our current weight, we can and should also be healthy and happy at our “natural weights”. [1]
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    Understanding Weight Loss Claims and Quackery
    Weight loss is a common goal amongst many North Americans, and people around the world. It is important to keep an eye out for “quackery” or claims that seem “too good to be true” about weight loss methods.
    Outlandish seeming phrases can sometimes be hard to decipher. The Federal Trade Commission [FTC} outlines 7 examples of claims that are often modified to fit claims on weight loss products that cannot be true.
    Does the product claim to… [2]
    • Cause weight loss of two or more pounds per week for a long period of time (a month or more) without diet? Or allow users to “safely” lose more than three pounds a week for more than a month? [2]
    • Cause weight loss while “letting you eat anything”? [2]
    • Cause permanent weight loss, even after you are no longer using the product? [2]
    • Block fat or calorie absorption (again, allowing you to eat anything you want while losing weight? [2]
    • Cause weight loss of a significant or substantial amount by “wearing a product on the body or rubbing it into the skin”? [2]
    • Cause weight loss for all users? [2]
    If it does, proceed with extreme caution. You can learn more about these types of claims here from the FTC.
    Aside from surgical options for people who are typically what is called “morbidly obese”—which means they may have or may soon develop illnesses as a result of their weight—there is only one sure-fire way to lose and maintain a healthy weight: through good nutrition (“diet”) and exercise. This means taking everything in moderation, most of the time—making it a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix as we often imply the word diet to imply!
    Health at Every Size
    Health at Every Size is a movement to encourage people to adopt healthy behaviours no matter their weight. Learn more about Health At Every Size on their website and take the pledge to embrace health!
    Have questions about your weight?
    If you have questions about your weight or health, talk to your doctor. They can tell you if you should lose—or gain—weight and how to do so safely. If they encourage you to exercise to lose weight, see our recent post on that subject. Just as tricky as exercise can be nutrition, so if you have questions, consider asking your doctor to refer you to a registered dietician. Because nutrition and activity levels can affect many chronic conditions, including not just diabetes, but also heart and lung conditions, as well as others—wearing a medical ID bracelet or necklace can help you stay safe while implementing lifestyle changes! If you have had bariatric surgery, it is also important to wear a weight loss surgery medical ID bracelet or necklace.
    Published by My Identity Doctor on January 15, 2019


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