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  • It’ll be Back to School season before you know it!
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    back to school public domainWhether your child’s school is just breaking for summer now, or you’re gearing up to go back to routine soon following a break, it’s not too early—or late—to be thinking about back to school (sorry to be the bearer of bad news!). No matter what schedule your child’s school is on, it’ll be back to school time before you know it, and it’s a good time to assess what your kid with a medical condition might need starting back at school.
    If you didn’t meet with your school nurse, your child’s principal, and/or your child’s teacher at the end of the school year, send an e-mail to schedule a meeting. Teachers likely will check their e-mails over summer, though it may take a bit to get a response! Most teachers are familiar with the common medical conditions kids have, but it might be helpful to send them a link to a reputable article about your child’s medical condition, as well as a copy of their health care plan for them to go over before you meet. If you have a school nurse, they can likely handle the education of the teacher, but as a parent, you know your child better than anyone, and you likely know their medical needs even better than their doctor.
    Stock up on the medicines or supplies you will need to keep at school for at least the first part of the year, and try to drop them off when the school opens (usually a few days before the first day!) to minimize the chaos on the first day of school. It’s also a good time to take a look at your child’s medical ID bracelet and ensure it’s still accurate. If it needs updating, we offer replacement tags for previous customers—and if it’s just getting a little snug on your growing kid, we can either set you up with a new replacement bracelet chain, or you can use the add-on links that came with your My Identity Doctor bracelet when you got it (yes, that’s what those are for!). Of course, in order to keep things fresh for your kid, it might be time to sit down with them and check out the new styles we’ve added to the My Identity Doctor shop over the last six months—there’s lots of new stuff that might catch their eye. In order to wear their medical jewelry, kids have to want to wear it! Maybe it’s time to get a new aluminum dog tag to fit their favourite colour of the year, a new “beaded” style bracelet (and remember, unlike traditional wire and bead bracelets, our stainless steel style bracelets have the “look” of beads, while having the durability of steel!), or whatever else gets them stoked to have fun while staying safe.
    Are you looking forward to or dreading the back to school season? With some preparation for your kid with a medical condition (and your peace of mind!), back to school doesn’t have to be stressful—well, at least not any more stressful than it is for any other family!
    Published by My Identity Doctor on May 22, 2017


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