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  • International Day for People with Disability
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    International Day of People with DisabilityDecember 3rd is an International day for people with disability. It has been referred to as an international observance day which is promoted since the year 2012 by the United Nations. This is a day that is objected to promote a quick understanding of the various disability issues such as jobs for people with disabilities. It also aims at mobilizing for the support of the rights of those with disabilities. This day also focuses on increasing awareness of the benefits obtained from the integration of those with disability in all aspects including political, social, economic and cultural aspects.

    Types of Disabilities

    Deaf blindness

    This is a condition that causes partial or full blindness of both the hearing and vision abilities and thus resulting to the need of special methods of communication. These types of disability are sometimes referred to as dual sensory loss. People with such a disability can still connect with the rest of the world by using the various available methods. The degree of the visual and hearing impairment determine the impact or the intensity of deaf blindness. The intensity of deaf blindness is linked to the various types deaf blindness. There are a number of causative agents for this kind of disability but the most common causative agents include:

    • Genetic disorder

    • Rubella

    • Usher syndrome

    Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral palsy is also among the many types of disability. This condition is used to refer to a group of disorders that are known to affect the movement as well as posture. It results due to damage that injures a developing brain. Cerebral Palsy affects different people differently. To some people, the impact could be mild and thus resulting to minimal disruption to the motor function. In some others where the condition is severe, it results significant impacts on the overall motor functioning. Most commonly, a brain injury that results to this condition occurs when the mother is still pregnant or when the child is less than a month old.

    Down syndrome

    This occurs in every 1 out of 800 babies. It occurs when an extra copy of the chromosome 21 is in the cells of the body. This results to 47 chromosomes in the body instead of 46.

    Jobs for people with disabilities

    There are a variety of jobs for people with disabilities. If you have any kind of disability, it should not be so challenging to find a suitable job. There are techniques that have been put in place to ensure that you find a suitable job. It is important that you assess all your abilities. These are activities that you can do without being affected by your disabilities.

    Disability discrimination

    Disability discrimination occurs when employers treat qualified persons with disabilities unfavorably just because she or he has a disability. It also occurs when an employer treats a covered employee favorably because he/she has an impairment. The law demands that a penalty should be given to any employee who practices disability discrimination.

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