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  • Important Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy During Diabetes
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    If you have diabetes, your doctor must have already educated you to keep your blood sugar level under control by leading a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercising.  But are you aware of the fact that you also need a dilated eye test done at least once every year? For a diabetic eye, such test is essential each year. A dilated eye test is one in which doctors widens/dilates the pupil of your eye to inspect the backside of the retina to identify diabetes eye symptoms of any damage.

    All people with diabetes type 1 and 2 are at risk loss of vision, but some groups are at even greater risk such as African-Americans, Indians, Hispanics and Latinos.

    The longer a person has diabetes, the greater the risk of having an ocular disease, which may include the following:

    • Cataracts (Eye problems involving clouding of the eye lens)
    • Retinopathy  Diabetic (Retinal injury)
    • Glaucoma (Injury of optic nerve)

    In the month of November last year, while recognizing the  diabetic eye disease month during National Education Program on Health, National Eye Institute (NEI) has recommended that all people who have diabetes can reduce the risk of vision loss through a fundus of the eye detail, and must do so at least once a year.

    During this diabetes awareness month, it has also been noticed that half of all people with diabetes do not perform annual test of dilation. People need to understand that 95% of cases with severe eye problems due to diabetic retinopathy can be controlled via early detection, suitable treatment and proper follow up.

    Check out five tips to keep healthy eyes during diabetes:

    1. Perform a complete dilated eye test each year.

    In its early stages, diabetic eye disease often has no symptoms. A dilated eye exam allows your eye doctor to examine in more detail the retina and the optic nerve, to identify signs of damage before you notice any change in vision. Regularly monitor the health of your eyes so your doctor can begin treatment as early as possible, even if the signs of the disease are not so obvious.

    2. Control your blood sugar.

    The vision in people with diabetes may be altered due to hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. This is temporary and is corrected when blood glucose level comes back to normal. An important tip is to make strict glycemic control for 24 hours before the vision screening to avoid unnecessary prescription glasses. The high blood sugar can also damage blood vessels in the eye. Maintaining good control of blood sugar helps prevent these problems.

    3. Keep your blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels.

    High blood pressure and high cholesterol can put you at higher risk of eye disease and vision loss. Keeping both under control, this will not only help your eyes, but your overall health – medical teaches.

    4. Stop Smoking.

    If you smoke, the risk of diabetic retinopathy and other eye diseases related to diabetes is higher. Quitting tobacco will help reduce this risk.

    5. Exercise regularly

    Exercise is good for your overall health including eyes. Regular exercise can help your eyes become healthier by helping to control diabetes. Walk 30-45 minutes at least thrice a week is good enough to maintain a healthy body if you cannot exercise regularly.

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    Published by My Identity Doctor on November 26, 2014


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