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  • How to Keep Spinal Muscular Atrophy Patients Safe
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    Spinal muscular atrophy is a very serious genetic disorder that affects the nerves surrounding the spine and these nerves in turn control muscular movements including sitting, standing, walking, talking, and even swallowing. While the condition is rare it is very serious; it is the number one killer of children under the age of 2. Because a person with the condition may not be able to speak for themselves it’s vital that they are kept safe even when with a caretaker, and the right medical alert pieces from My Identity Doctor can help tremendously in caring for your child or family member with this disorder.

    First consider some basics about the condition and how it affects patients so you can better understand why sufferers should be identified with various pieces at all times.

    Symptoms and Effects of the Condition

    The nerves around the spine control voluntary and involuntary muscle movement, and when these are damaged then the brain cannot send signals to those muscles to move and work properly. The disease has four different classified stages and depending on the stage a patient may struggle with respiratory problems and persistent breathing disorders. Infants with the worst type of the condition often cannot sit on their own and may not be able to swallow. Adults may develop a less severe form of the disease and may be able to walk but will experience weakness.

    Having this condition can affect a patient’s entire life and their family’s lives as well. It’s vital that homes can accommodate a patient with this condition and that they are given proper care which may include feeding, bathing, and help with dressing and mobility. Some may need the use of a wheelchair and others may need assistance with walking or sitting.

    Protecting the Patients

    Because of their vulnerability and constant need for care, it’s vital that patients have the proper pieces of identification so that caregivers understand their limitations and so that emergency medical personnel can also respond properly. The right pieces from My Identity Doctor can help to keep all caregivers informed of a patient’s limitations and can also alert medical personnel of their condition in case of an accident or the need for emergency services. Bracelets are often the best choice since they are easy to see and very visible, and the right engraving from My Identity Doctor can ensure a patient’s safety.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on August 26, 2014


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