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  • How to Keep Kids Safe with Fireworks
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    Fireworks safety for childrenWhen you are using fireworks and you have children there are many things that need to be done so that your children will stay safe around the fireworks. You want to have a fun time, not a horrible time because someone accidentally got hurt.

    Never aim a fire work at anyone. Fireworks can backfire and even shoot off in the wrong direction and if you’re aiming it at someone it can accidentally hit them and cause them great bodily harm. Always throw the fire work in the opposite direction of your children and other people.

    A safe distance would be a least fifty feet if not more. If they are this far away from the fireworks when they are being lit there is little to no chance that your child will get burned or hurt. When you let off the fireworks you are lighting a fuse that is connected to explosives. This means there is a nearly one hundred percent chance that the fire work will explode. When the firework goes off, it will either go up in the air or stay where it is on the ground. However, some fireworks will spin and move around on the ground after they are lit.

    Never let your fire works off by a house or someone else’s home. As well as keeping them away from houses you will want to keep them away from bushes and trees, because they can very easily catch fire.

    You will never want your child to light the fuse of the firework because they could possible light themselves on fire or get burned very badly. When the child starts to the light firework they will have to get very close to the firework and this cause them to inhale bad toxins into their lungs.

    Firework safety tips

    Never use fireworks in side. When you use fireworks inside you are likely to set your house on fire and maybe even yourself. Fireworks need to be always used outside only. You will also want to have water near by just in case a fire work gets out of control.

    The best advice while using fireworks would be to never light a firework while you are holding it in your hand. Do not even have any part of your body leaning over the firework while you are lighting it. Also absolutely do not put other fireworks in your pockets while you are lighting one because the friction from the firework you are lighting can set off the unlit fireworks in your pocket.

    Seeing and using fireworks can be a lot of fun and everyone gets a lot of enjoyment out of it, but just remember to be safe.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on June 30, 2014


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