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  • How to Ace Your MS Medical Alert ID Engraving
    Added by My Identity Doctor
    Multiple sclerosis awareness bracelet
    Multiple sclerosis medical id bracelet

    Wearing a fashionable piece of medical alert jewelry to inform healthcare providers that you have Multiple Sclerosis can be a life-saving decision.  Health care providers and first responders are well versed in what to look for in emergency situations with the help of a few short phrases.

    You can ace your Multiple Sclerosis Medical Alert Engraving by including the following information:

    1. List your name and your primary condition, which is MS. Remember, you only need to alert the first responders, with few characters to do so. Therefore, choose your most serious condition first.  Carrying a wallet card in addition to your jewelry can provide more information.

    2. List any allergies you may have, such as to foods and common prescription drugs (e.g. peanuts, penicillin).  If you carry Epinephrine (Epi Pen) for these allergies, be sure to list it as well. If your allergies lead to Anaphylaxis episodes, you may want to list Anaphylaxis along with MS as a primary condition, as all emergency personnel know how to treat this condition.

    3. Do you take any medications as the result of your MS or any other condition? List them next.

    4. List the name and phone number for your most trusted emergency contact. This person could be your spouse, child, neighbor, etc.  The contact’s first name and phone information will suffice. Your emergency contact can fill in the gaps for the rest of your medical history.

    5. Abbreviate where appropriate. Your Medical ID jewelry is limited on characters. ‘Abbreviating In Case of Emergency’ as ICE and common allergies (Penicillin as PCN) will save time and space.

    If you are still unsure about what to place on your Multiple Sclerosis Medical Alert jewelry, be sure to ask your doctor for advice.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on March 10, 2014


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