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  • How Stress Affects You and Your Family | Stress Awareness Month
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    stress awarenessStress Awareness Month occurs every year in April, and these days, this specific month has been integral for the acknowledgement of the perils of stress and how it can affect an individual as well as their family. Every April, health professionals come together to bring an overall awareness to the harm that stress can cause individuals as well as to their family members. Due to the large prevalence of stress that is evident in the modern society in which we all live in today, stress awareness month holds more importance now than it ever has before. The reality is that with job woes, the failing economy, family troubles, and emotional issues, individuals of all ages, and from all demographics are showcasing extremely high levels of stress. Stress has been shown to contribute to a wide range of different diseases, as well as add to a host of other health and emotional problems such as depression and anxiety.

    how stress affects family life

    The way that stress can affect an individual as well as their entire family is immense. Stress usually starts with a minor problem or issue that might plague only the individual, but then travel like wildfire throughout an entire family which will then interfere with entire family dynamics. It has been reported that individuals who struggle with high levels of stress get into more fights and arguments with their loved ones than individuals who do not suffer from high levels of stress. Stress can and does lead to emotional turmoil as a whole, and can even lead to divorce within married couples. Stress leads to poor communication within family members, a lowered tolerance for their feelings, and a showcasing of negative emotions including apathy and anger. Overall, stress is never a good thing for anyone, and that is why Stress Awareness Month is so important for the health and awareness of the many individuals afflicted with high levels of stress.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on April 28, 2014


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