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  • Hello, Mighty ID: Medical ID you can update!
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    When you look at most of our medical ID, you may struggle to decide because engraving is so permanent. While we do offer discounts for past customers updating their medical ID tags, you may be hesitant for any number of reasons. Perhaps you have an undiagnosed medical condition, a rare disorder being figured out, or a kid who is growing quickly and whose crucial medical information may be changing just as quickly? 

    There are many reasons you may be putting off getting a medical ID bracelet because you are uncertain of what to engrave. A great interim solution may be to wear one of our update-able, Velcro, “Mighty ID ®” medical ID bracelets 

    Introducing the Mighty ID

    The Mighty ID medical bracelet comes in 5 different colours—bold black, bright blue, outrageous orange, gnarly green camo, and popping pink. (Okay I just made those up right now—if you couldn’t tell based on the increasing ridiculousness!—though the colours are all available on our website!)

    I actually wore a bracelet similar to the Mighty ID® for a year while my diagnosis was sorted out. It allowed me the flexibility to make changes to my medical information, while staying safe. It is certainly a great interim solution, and much better in times of uncertainty especially, than not wearing a bracelet at all!

    It is also a great option for kids who are still growing, and are looking for a durable, sporty look.

    The Mighty ID® is adjustable from 5.5” to 7” wrists. It comes with write-on strips (use a fine tip permanent marker, like a Sharpie Pen, for best results!) and a FREE Medical ID wallet card. For active adventures—and equally active kids—the Mighty ID® might just be the perfect fit that you’re looking for to stay safe during summer fun! Like all of our IDs, Mighty ID® is ready to take a splash, dig in the sand, and soak up the sun. 


    And of course, at a low price, you can always grab a couple, and mix them up for whichever mood strikes you! Want to see this in larger sizes? Let us know!

    Published by My Identity Doctor on May 1, 2018


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