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  • Health Benefits of… Coffee? More than a buzz!
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    We couldn’t let National Coffee Day pass without having some fun on the blog, could we? Now, because there are LOTS of websites boasting the health benefits of coffee, I thought that I would complie the “ultimate” list of why coffee is good for you—as much as I could find in just two minutes on Google—a lot!

    Spoon left, heart shape made of coffee beans centre, cup of coffee right.


    • Need more fibre in your diet? A cup of coffee adds 1.8 grams of fibre to your day! [1]
    • A serving of coffee (caffeinated!) provides more antioxidants (which can prevent cancer) than a serving of berries, grape juice or oranges [2]
    • One cup of coffee? Some unexpected nutrients! Vitamin B2, B5, Manganese, potassium, magnesium, and niacin—who knew plain ol’ coffee packed a punch? [3]

    Brain functioning

    • Improvements in reaction time, memory and vigilance. More benefit for those who consume coffee regularly. [1]
    • Potential for improved cognitive function—some studies say better if used regularly, others say the effect is not cumulative. [1]
    • Mood may be improved by coffee in the short-term. [1]
    • Performance may improve (although sleep may be disrupted) [1]
    • The smell of coffee alone can make you less stressed (maybe that’s why I, as a non coffee drinker, love the smell of coffee so much!) [2]
    • Those antioxidants in coffee can help you feel happier. [3] 

    Disease prevention

    • Liver cirrhosis is caused by too much alcohol consumption. But, coffee might be able to keep your liver healthy, even if you do imbibe in a few adult beverages. [1]
    • Lower risk of type 2 diabetes, by nearly a quarter, if you drink six or more cups of coffee per day.. [2]
    • Caffeine may protect against Alzheimer disease. [3]
    • Coffee drinkers are less likely to struggle with depression [4]
    • Even if you have a family history (genetics!), coffee drinkers are less likely to develop Parkinson disease. [5] As well, it may sound counterintuitive, but some Parkinson symptoms like tremor, may actually improve with coffee (consult your doctor!) [3.51]
    • Higher quality DNA… That’s right—coffee makes your DNA strands less likely to randomly break! [6]
    • 4 or more cups of coffee per day might prevent multiple sclerosis. [7]
    • “Moderate” coffee consumption, may lower risk of colorectal cancer. [8] And lower risk of liver cancer. [3.9]
    • Lower chances of developing gout [10]
    • Prevents retinal damage [11]
    • Worried about skin cancer? You still need to keep that sunscreen flowing, but coffee may help protect against melanoma. [12]
    • It would be reasonable to guess that you might not want too much caffeine after a heart attack—however, those who drank 2 or more cups of coffee a day after a heart attack were less likely to die as a result of their heart disease. [13]
    • Coffee drinkers may have a decreased risk of stroke. [14, 3.15]
    • And remember… if you have any of these conditions, a medical ID bracelet is a good investment to go with your coffee! 

    General health

    • Live longer! [1] Americans who drink coffee live longer than those who don’t. [4.2] There seems to also be a benefit for people who smoke. [4.21]
    • Coffee may give you bad breath, but, if you drink it black it seems to kill bacteria in the mouth that leads to cavities. [3] And, it also can protect against gum disease. [4.4]
    • The United States Department of Agriculture’s dietary recommendations state 3-5 cups of coffee per day can have positive health impacts and prevent disease. However, it notes that adding milk, cream or sugar negates these benefits—so, it’s gotta be black. [5]
    • Coffee can boost your metabolism, at least in the short term, and aid in weight loss. [6]

    And of course… energy.

    • It goes without saying, but caffeine is a stimulant—this means coffee can help you get an energy boost when you need one! [1]
    • People who consume coffee feel more alert than those who do not—short term benefit, however. [1]
    • Coffee can produce greater physical and mental performance [1, 5.2]

    Well, I only got through about half of the websites I’d opened, and already found 30 ways research indicates coffee might be good for our health—I think you get the picture. Chat with your doctor about how coffee may play a role in your health, but don’t drastically change your coffee intake until then if you are on any medications or have chronic illness. In the meantime, happy National Coffee Day!

    Published by My Identity Doctor on September 28, 2017


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