Group & Organization Account Info

My-Identity-Doctor is a proud supporter of medical awareness and would like to assist all hospitals, groups and organizations related to medical conditions and/or help groups.

This is a great program to take advantage of. This allows groups & organizations small and large, offline and even online receive help. This could be an online group that would like to offer its participants a special discounts for their members. Or a offline help group that would like to provide wallet cards to their participants.

Assistance offered for FREE by My-Identity-Doctor. Contact us and we can figure some way to help. Below are some common ways we help currently.

* Group discount accounts are available for online and offline groups & Organizations ( Special member program will be created for organization for its participants to receive a discount any time when purchasing online)
* Wallet cards can be provided free of charge to eligible groups & Organizations
* Medical Tags can be donated for special events (Medical Tags are limited to particular events)
* Free fans can be provided for Awareness walks! (it can get hot outside!)
* Educational medical jewelry brochures & wallet cards available for doctor offices and hospitals. Stands will be provided by us.

Please contact us and let us know what you have in mind ! Even if you are just a participant in a group we would be more than happy to speak to organization leader for possible group accounts.

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