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  • Go Healthy: Eat Gluten Free Food this Holiday Season
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    Foods are a plenty, and many of us love to indulge in them. Come the holiday season, and the meeting of friends and family means big dinners and great food.

    While most of us have no restrictions on what we eat and enjoy, some of us develop sensitivities to foods that are rich in gluten. Eating gluten free meals can be a great way not just to enjoy food, but also to stay healthy.

    Gluten free foods

    Gluten free cookies

    Gluten is a component of certain foods such as wheat, barley and rye. When consumed, it can cause inflammation of the bowel loops, increasing the sensation of bloating and loose stools. Gluten sensitivity is now well recognized as a clinical condition, with the doctors sometimes calling it coeliac disease.

    Combating gluten sensitivity is simple – it just involves avoiding foods containing gluten and following a healthy gluten free diet. It might be interesting to know that even individuals who do not have gluten sensitivity reach for gluten free products at the supermarket these days, primarily for health reasons.

    Preparing your own

    The holiday season is all about good food and time with family. Preparing a tasty and healthy meal is probably the best part of the season, as the memories associated with eating that food together with family are priceless.

    These days, gluten sensitivity is no longer an issue when it comes to enjoying the foods you love. Gluten free recipes are widely available, and literally every kind of food can be prepared. If you are not one to cook, then gluten free meals are readily available in the supermarket. The good news is that they are not too hard on the pocket, and they taste as good as comparable gluten containing foods.

    Options of foods are not just limited to adults. Gluten free foods for kids are also available widely these days. Sweets and savoury items are aplenty.

    Numerous benefits

    The benefits of gluten free foods extend beyond just avoiding gluten content and preventing clinical symptoms. Individuals who suffer from gluten sensitivity can obtain the required nutrition including vitamins and minerals despite having to give up wheat and rye. Eating gluten free food can in a way prevent undernourishment of people who have high sensitivity to it.

    In a sense, following gluten free diet means that individuals are cutting out carbohydrates from their diet. Instead, they consume higher amounts of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. Cutting out carbs from the diet can help to a great extent in losing or maintaining body weight. For those of us worried about packing on pounds during the holiday season, maybe gluten free food consumption is the way forward.

    It is clear that there are some good benefits.

    Medical bracelet

    Keep others informed

    A good way to let others know about your gluten sensitivity is to wear a medical ID or gluten free bracelet that details the gluten allergy. This can go a long way in ensuring you don’t inadvertently consume foods containing gluten.

    So this holiday season, eat gluten free food & go healthy: Happy Holidays!

    Published by My Identity Doctor on December 22, 2014


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