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  • Glaucoma Medical ID Bracelets
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    As always, welcome to My Identity Doctor, where we provide you the most highly recommended medical ID bracelets available. Our focus is on the Glaucoma Medical ID Bracelets.

    Glaucoma as we all know represents different types of ocular disorders. It is essential for the symptoms and the specific type of ocular disorder of a patient to be recorded and easily retrieved during an emergency. The only best way to do it is through our new Glaucoma Medical ID Bracelets.

    Whether a patient is suffering from open-angle glaucoma or angle closure glaucoma, all the information about the disorder is engraved so that any qualified doctor or paramedic can easily read and understand the information about the patient’s condition.

    Our Easy to read BLACK Engraving ensures that doctors can easily see and read about your information. The Glaucoma Medical ID Bracelets is critical for your safety and well being. It ensures that you are safe and in case of any emergency, the paramedics and doctors will ensure proper treatment is administered to you.

    Doctors and paramedics are trained to read information from the Glaucoma Medical ID Bracelets.

    These Bracelets:

    • Are Brushed steel on the Back, increasing engraving visibility

    • Can be engraved in different languages to cater for traveling needs

    • Come in numerous symbol colors and designs to cater for your tastes

    • Are designed for all- Men, Women and Kids. Get your whole family protected

    The Glaucoma Medical ID Bracelets will

    • ensure proper medical attention to limit any error or misdiagnosis

    • save you on hospital bills by eliminating unneeded trips to hospital, speeding up medical treatment, and allowing doctors to accurately diagnose you to reduce error

    With the proper information Doctors & Paramedics can treat you in an emergency right away.

    With the Glaucoma Medical Bracelets you get to secure your life.

    The Glaucoma Medical ID Bracelets are Engraved With Your Safety In Mind, for Your Peace of Mind.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on July 1, 2014


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