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  • Getting Ready for a New School Year: Updating Medical ID
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    Medical Alert Bracelets

    Hopefully, your child’s medical ID bracelet or necklace is still in great shape after a school year of fun, play, and adventure—and if it’s one of our stainless steel medical IDs from My Identity Doctor, it has probably seen its fair share of pools, beaches, and water balloon fights, too! As we’re gearing back up to go to school, it’s a good time to take a look at your child’s medical ID jewelry, and see if it needs an update before the coming school year begins.

    Here are some things to consider when thinking about updating your child’s medical ID bracelet—or your own!
    • Accuracy. The most important: is your engraving still accurate? Has your child had a new diagnosis, developed an allergy, or has your cell phone number engraved as an emergency contact changed? The best way that your child’s medical ID jewelry can help them in an emergency is if it’s correct!
    • Fit. Kids grow all the time (I know, we don’t have to tell YOU that!), and while we include a few extra bracelet links in the package, sometimes bracelets get too snug (or, depending on the growth spurt, too loose!) over the course of year or two! If those extra links aren’t cutting it, it may be time for an upgrade.
    • Style. Maybe your medical ID bracelet-sporting kid will be taking up volleyball in the Fall, and wants to swap to a sports band or necklace to reduce bracelet links digging in during a big game—or maybe that kid who just had to have a medical ID dog tag last year wants something that fits their new style—whatever that may be! Remember, if kids like their medical ID jewelry, there’s a better chance they’ll actually wear it—which is most important!
    • Wear and tear. Maybe your bracelet is a bit older and showing its age—scratches shouldn’t impact the readability our bold, black engraving used on our medical ID bracelets and necklaces—remember, our engraving is guaranteed!—but it might impact your enthusiasm! 😉 Shiny and new might be a good motivator to keep on track with your important choice to stay safe by wearing medical ID jewelry.
    • Having a backup. By updating your medical ID, you have a ready-to-go backup—your current ID! I keep a backup medical ID bracelet in my travel medication kit, just in case! Through years of wear—coaching kids and visually impaired adults, chasing animals, kayaking, rock climbing, and more—I’ve never broken a medical ID bracelet from My Identity Doctor, but I figure it’ll never happen if I have a backup on hand! For kids, having a back up on hand at school might be a good idea for those oops moments—the times are few and far between, but I’ve wandered out of the house without a medical ID bracelet on for whatever reason, and my arm always feels a little weird!
    If you have a medical ID bracelet or necklace from My Identity Doctor, you can receive 40 to 60% off of a replacement or updated medical ID plate—a truly win-win choice, now and in the future!
    Published by My Identity Doctor on June 5, 2017


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