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  • Funny gift medical ID: Delete My Browser History
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    Medical ID is meant to be serious, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with our products once in awhile! 

    medical id bracelet with purple emblem reading delete my browser history

    Your online data is important—with recent discussions around privacy and Facebook coming to the forefront, your most important wish if something were to happen to you might just be for someone you trust to delete your browser history! After all, do you really want people to know how much time you invested in Netflix, watching cat videos, or searching GIFs? 

    The reason the Delete My Browser History bracelet exists? Well, Burton the Shop Pup, of course. We have photographic evidence of Burton casually perched at the computer, Googling to his heart’s desire! 

    …And if you’re Burton, you’re likely to be searching for peanut butter flavoured teeth-sharpening toothpaste on Amazon, custom cat-repellant collars, subscription rawhide “meal kit” services… and other things shop owner Jon would prefer not be mixed up with his own browsing history—yikes! 

    For a fun gift—or a gift to your tech-loving-geek self!—check out our fun Delete My Browser History bracelet!

    Yes, you may have seen it online and thought it was a joke—nope, it is real and My Identity Doctor’s Delete My Browser History medical ID bracelet is available here in 5 different colours! And, don’t worry, if none of those are your style or you’re looking for a necklace or dog tag for your goofy friend, we do custom engraving on ALL of our products! If going the custom route, you could consider including instructions on how to find the necessary passwords (make sure this is in a secure location NOT on the bracelet, that only trusted loved ones can access!), or any information that your techie self desires! 

    And of course, like our bracelets, the Delete My Browser History bracelet is hypoallergenic, durable stainless steel, and made to stand up to what you throw at it—your fiercest web-browsing and then some!

    For a great gift or a conversation-starter for yourself, check out the  Delete My Browser History medical ID from My Identity Doctor. Have other funny medical ID ideas? We’d love to hear them!

    On a more serious note, having a “digital will” can be important in our tech-driven world. If you have an Advance Directive or will, a medical ID with information for accessing these important documents can be important—as well, some password manager systems have emergency access codes so if something happens to you, a trusted loved one can get access to manage your online accounts. So, while the Delete My Browser History bracelet may seem silly, it may be a practical conversation starter on your digital footprint!

    Published by My Identity Doctor on May 25, 2018


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