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    Food Allergy Awareness BraceletDifferent people have different allergic reactions or response to a wide variety of differentially characterized foods, nevertheless the mechanism of action involved in food allergies remains the same. A food allergy is an immune system response to a particularly harmless food or beverage. In other words, a food allergy is an immune system response to an ingested food that the body mistakenly believes to be harmful. This is usually known to be triggered by a food protein. When an individual eats food containing that protein, the immune system releases massive amounts of chemicals which subsequently trigger life-threatening symptoms which could affect a person’s respiration, skin, heart or gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms of food allergy includes; swelling on different parts of the body, vomiting, breathing difficulty, sudden blood pressure drop, abdominal pain etc. There are over 150 foods known to trigger severe allergic reactions and currently there is no cure for food allergy. This is why avoiding such foods is the only way to prevent an allergic reaction.

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    In order to avoid allergic reactions to specific foods, it is important for you to have increased food allergy awareness. Increasing your food allergy awareness helps you to effectively avoid a reaction or get proper help when you suffer from one. You can achieve this by getting acquainted with the various food awareness products available such as Medical ID bracelets and Necklaces. Specific examples include; Peanut Allergy Bracelets and Necklaces, Adjustable velcro media ID bracelets, Gluten allergy bracelets, Tree nut allergy medical bracelets etc. These food awareness products help you to maintain increased awareness levels for certain foods such as peanuts, gluten, tree nuts etc. These products serve as constant reminders to you and those around you regarding your specific food allergy and they also aid medical professionals in taking proper lifesaving measures for you during food allergy situations and subsequent treatments. Kindly contact us to get more information on the various food allergy awareness products available.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on May 10, 2014


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