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  • Five Ways to Save a Life when Stuck with an Allergic Reaction
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    There are different types of allergies like food allergies, pet allergies, drug allergies and many more. The common allergies that can be found everywhere is food allergy. The food, which is considered to be allergic are milk, peanuts, egg, fish, tree nuts, shellfish, soy, wheat and some certain seeds like mustard seeds and sesame. The allergic reaction may take place in the skin, the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and as well as in the gastrointestinal tract.

    Struck with an Allergic Recation

    Even children are getting such allergies now a day. So here is the five ways to fight the allergic reaction:

    1. If an Allergic reaction takes place, then you can knock out the initial response by giving steroids to the patient and then take him to the hospital as soon as you can, so that the allergy can be treated.
    2.  If a mild reaction is observed, then you can give Antihistamines, which is an H1 blocker. But remember this cannot be given in the case of a severe reaction.
    3. Allergic reaction can also come in the form of asthma, so in such case you can give bronchodilators, which is known as a relief inhaler. Once you have given it, and then take the patient to the hospital for a thorough check-up to know the reason for the reaction.
    4. Have your doctor, hospital numbers and your medication handy, so that if your family members are not there. Then nearby people can call them instantly, which will save your life.
    5.  Always wear a medical ID bracelet or jewelry for allergies, especially make your child wear it; as they won’t be able to tell exactly what is happening to them at the time of an allergic reaction. At such times, the allergy medical ID bracelet will come to secure.

    Wearing a medical ID bracelet or jewelry will help in so many ways, especially for our kids. Even if you are not there with your child, he, or she will be able to indicate to the bracelet, so that the doctor or nurse can start the proper treatment for his or her specific allergy. As they will come to know the detailed history of their allergy, treatments, and progress as well. Allergy bracelets for kids are a boon to them and even you will be tension-free about their health issue, even if you are not there with them. So get allergy bracelets or jewelry for yourself and as well as for your kids, if you suffer from any allergies.


    Published by My Identity Doctor on January 16, 2015


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