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  • Fathers Day: Healthy Gifts for Dad
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    Dads are pretty diverse in what they’re into. Movies, fishing, cooking, cycling, running, carpentry, car mechanics, coaching sports, playing team sports, or maybe taking some time out to just chill out and camp—possibly even in a tent! No matter what your dad is into, some dads are just hard to shop for (mine is!). Here are some ideas to get you started. Have a good one I missed? If you don’t want dad to stumble upon his surprise in the comments (just in case he needs this list shopping for his own dad!), email me and I’ll add it in!
    Here are some ideas to get you started!
    • For the chef (or “wannabe cook”) dad: Spice of the Month clubs, BBQ accessories, or just some kind of new gadget for the kitchen.
    • For the non-cooking dad: A meal subscription service, online cooking lessons, or maybe even a fire extinguisher… hey, we’re into safety!
    • For the movie lover: An online movie subscription or gift card, or an air-pop popcorn maker (keep things healthy!)
    • For the adventure-seeker: Kayak or canoe rentals (or a kayak or canoe depending on your budget!), a sport medical ID bracelet, a new bike helmet, climbing lessons… lots of ways to have fun with an adventurous dad!
    • For the camper: A hand crank radio with a flashlight, one of our sport or stainless steel medical IDs, or a solar powered phone/battery charger so he can stay connected.
    • For the carpenter: A first aid kit (accidents happen!), dust masks or a new set of eye protection
    • For the sport enthusiast: Tickets to a local game, a sport medical ID bracelet or medical dog tag, a new basketball for those driveway pickup games or just shooting hoops, or maybe a day out at the new trampoline gym (with the kids..!)
    Whether the dad you’re celebrating is a father, or a step-dad, grandfather, uncle, neighbour, or another special man in your life, we hope you enjoy celebrating them this Fathers Day. And remember, if none of these ideas seem to fit, we do have gift certificates to our online shop by contacting shop owner Jon at jon [at], so that they can pick the perfect medical ID to stay safe and have fun themselves. Our medical IDs are all stainless steel (or stainless and nylon for our sport bands), meaning they’re tough and waterproof for whatever dad gets himself into… And we know that with most dads, that could be just about anything!
    If your dad has a medical condition or allergy, we know that medical ID is important but can be difficult to get men especially to wear. We have a variety of styles to fit many personal tastes and needs, but remember, our custom engraved ID is custom to you—so, if you’ve got a picky-about-his-style dad, it might be best to take him online shopping with My Identity Doctor, because we can only accept returns if an engraving error is our fault, or the ID has a defect that our quality control pup, Burton, didn’t catch!
    Published by My Identity Doctor on June 2, 2017


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