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  • Fall Allergies: It’s that time of year again
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    woman-with-allergyIt’s that time of year again for a lot of allergy sufferers in the United States: Fall, for some people, can be as bad for people with allergies and asthma as Spring can, even if it doesn’t have such a bad reputation. Ever wonder why your allergies might get worse in the Fall? Here are some things to think about, especially if you’ve had allergy testing done that indicates you react to any of these common allergens.
    • Ragweed. WebMD reports that about 75% of people allergic to spring pollens are also allergic to ragweed [1]
      If you are allergic to ragweed, did you know that sometimes fruits or veggies like bananas, melons and zucchini can cause allergy symptoms, too? [1]
    • Mold and Dust Mites. Not just lurking inside your home, Fall is a dusty and moldy time outside in your community, too. So, even if you keep your home free of dust and mold, you might still find you experience allergy symptoms caused by these triggers… because they are still there! [1]
      • Schools are also big harborers of dust and mold, so for kids with allergies, this may be a concern this time of year. [1]
      • Change your clothes and shower if possible whenever you come in from the indoors. [2]
    • Pets. It may seem funny, but not only can your pets bring in more pollen to your home, since it’s getting cooler you might be spending more time in closer proximity to your pets—if you have allergies it is important to bathe your pet regularly. [2]
    What can you do about allergies?
    Allergy shots may be an option to help desensitize you to what you are allergic to. Allergy medicines, like antihistamines, and nasal sprays and rinses can also help to manage your allergy symptoms this fall.
    If you have asthma, remember that seasonal allergies can also make your asthma worse. It’s important to wear a medical ID bracelet or necklace so that if you are caught off guard by a sudden allergic reaction or asthma attack, you can receive the care you need. Carry your inhaler with you at all times, too.
    Published by My Identity Doctor on October 7, 2016


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