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  • Epilepsy and what is that?
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    Hey, it’s me Burton, the shop pup again.

    Jon (my owner) says,

    Maybe my friends are missing some of my blog posts and facebook posts. If you haven’t visited our facebook page, you are likely to miss our blog updates. Boo on that. Click here to visit me on our facebook page. Ok, guess what happened today, Jon took me for a walk in the morning when I heard two women talk about epilepsy. Are you aware of what it actually is?

    Epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects the nervous system. It is also known as a seizure disorder. Accordingly to the International League against Epilepsy, epilepsy can be recognized after one seizure. Epilepsy seizures are a cause of brain injury or a hereditary disorder, many times the cause is unknown.

    The biggest concern people are having about epilepsy is the way it affects day to day life. Managing with epilepsy requires people to learn more on how epilepsy can affect them, and how to find support. Living with epilepsy can be challenging for children, teens and seniors than adults. Thus, it is important for them to learn more about safety tips and measures.

    Following are some tips that will help you live fine with epilepsy:

    • Take your medication properly: Prescribed medicines help people control their seizures. Skipping your dose or change in time can provoke or trigger seizure. Always have ample of medicines with you wherever you travel.
    • Learn about your condition: Health care teams such as doctors, nurses, pharmacist will help control seizure. It is also essential to understand the type of seizure you’re suffering from, ways to manage it better and also let people around you know about your situation.
    • Sleep enough: Sleep deprivation is a known trigger of an epilepsy  seizure. Even people who have better control on seizures should always take lots of rest.
    • Try to manage triggers: Many people who have seizures do not know what provokes their seizure. Triggers can be lack of sleep, missed medicines, stress, fever etc. Know your trigger and learn to control it.
    • Keep a diary: Note about your seizures, when they appear, what remedies there are, and what happens. It will help you when you’re traveling alone, and in case you have a seizure attack.
    • Stay Active: Do regular exercises which will help maintain a healthy body. While exercising, take many breaks and drink plenty of water, also try not to exercise in high temperatures. Avoid going for outdoor sports such as swimming, hiking and climbing as it bring you down to a critical situation.
    • Get a medical bracelet: It is always beneficial to have a epilepsy medical bracelet with you in case you’re stuck in an odd situation. Also, advice epilepsy people around you to wear an epilepsy jewelry for safety.

    Seizures and epilepsy is more complicated and troublesome than you can ever think. There are different types of seizures affecting people in different ways. Epilepsy can be easily diagnosed in case of some people while it can be a long-lasting problem for many. The more you learn about it, the more you’ll be able to handle it properly.

    I believe you’ll be more confident in controlling and handling it the next time it occurs. Feel free to share your tips and ways to manage epilepsy seizure and we will reach out to others as well. Now, it’s time for me to get a go sign from Jon ( my master).

    With love, the typing shop pup, Burton.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on May 24, 2013


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