What are medical Alert ID Bracelets, Necklaces & Wallet Cards

Medical alert ID Bracelets, Necklaces along with ID wallet cards and medical tags are custom engraved with personal medical Identification information. The information has your conditions, allergies, medications & emergency contacts.

Some times they can be called Emergency IDs, ICE ID, Alert Jewelry, and Med IDs

Medical Bracelets have a chain or designed with a beaded bracelet an medical ID plate. The ID plate is custom engraved with your medical identification information along with any allergies, medications and emergency contacts. Typically the med ID is engraved with a diamond head engraver, that lightly scratches into surface. There is also high definition engraving that engraves with a bold <span style="\&quot;font-weight:" bold;\"="">BLACK font. High Definition Engraving is the most preferred for medical jewelry due to the high contrasting blank colored engraving. This makes it very easy to see and read.

Medical ID Necklaces are basically the same as the ID bracelets except for the fact that it is a necklace.

Medical Wallet cards are normally 2 sided paper cards that you write your medical identification information on and store it your wallet. Emergency ID cards work great as they can list allot of information including conditions, allergy information, medications. Typically Emergency ID cards are used in combination with an ID bracelet. Paramedics normally look for a bracelet first, it is also more visible and able to be noticed right away. It is wise to have the most important information on the bracelet and have the medical ID wallet card in your purse or wallet. You can always engrave “See Wallet Card” on the medical ID bracelet to notify the paramedics about the wallet card.

ID cards are also useful as you can slid them into a badge holder and attach them to clothing, and bags if ever needed. This can be very handy for sports hobbies and kids along with people with special needs. You can write on the medical alert ID wallet card, than have it laminated or put in into an ID card sleeve and attach it to bags, cloths or make it a necklace.

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