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  • Eating Disorders – The Role of a Medical ID Bracelet
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    According to a study that has been conducted and presented in the American Journal of Psychiatry, 50% of people who have eating disorders also meet the criteria usually seen on people who have depression. The same study even show that suicide is more likely among people who are also suffering with eating disorders compared to those who do not. For these reasons, eating disorder awareness wristbands play their role in monitoring these conditions.

    Eating Disorders

    The Different Disorders

    Eating disorders may include bulimia, anorexia, binge eating, as well as other related problems. The first three are the most common types. People who have either bulimia or anorexia may feel that they are too fat, not good enough or not pretty enough. As a result, those who have bulimia indulge in overeating, and then followed by making themselves vomit after feeling guilty at eating too much.

    Those with anorexia nervosa most likely control their diet in a severe way to the point that they starve themselves. The longing to be thin turns into an obsession. This type of disorder mainly affects teenage girls. It is very serious and at times, fatal. Because of the seriousness of this condition, some patients, including their families, have agreed to make good use of eating disorder recovery bracelet as part of their strategy to promote recovery from this condition.

    On the other hand, binge eating is one of the most common eating disorder in the United States, as it affects about 3 percent of Americans. Binge eating is also known as compulsive overeating, wherein a person eats overly excessive amounts of food in a short period of time while experiencing control loss overeating.

    Depression comes in when a person suffering from a disorder feels out of control and lost. While a treatment center focused on this type of problem can be of help, the initiative should come from the patient or the people surrounding him or her. If you observe that a family member is going through any of these eating disorders, it is very important to take some steps to control the situation.

    Some families agree to seek the help of professionals. Some parents send their affected children to a treatment center while still providing them the attention, love and support that they need. As part of the monitoring system, they make use of an eating disorder bracelet in order to track progress, and at the same time to remind the person of the need to recover quickly. In some cases, some families opt to use a medical ID jewelry and medical bracelet from to assist their affected loved ones.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on February 26, 2015


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