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  • Dog tag saves life
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    161c7c47576dAll of us know about dog tag, it is also known as a medical tag or identification tags. Some medical information is difficult to remember so a little piece of metal comes with engraved medical information such as name, emergency contact details of doctor, hospital phone number, medical history, allergy, disease, prescriptions and dosage. It is easy to read and very stylish military dog tags. It is an alternate option for people who don’t like to wear medical bracelets. This tags can be used by anyone such as runners, joggers, bicycling, swimmers, surfers, climbers, hunters, fisherman, seniors, high risk employees, housewives, childrens.

    In case of emergency your dog tag could speak for you and may save your life. Serious health issue may suddenly incapacitate a person as in case of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, epilepsy. A list of important medication you take could be included on a medical alert, particularly those that can have potentially negative interactions with other drugs, steroids, insulin, anti-seizure and anti-psychotic medications are also included. Allergies that are life threatening or serious medical complications should be labeled clearly on a medical alert tag.

    Always use the word “NO” or “ALLERGY” while listing drug allergies. Wearing a dog tag will help make sure one gets the proper treatment if he or she isn’t able to communicate or not in a condition to give the details. It can used by professionals wherein they can put passwords and codes that they need and forget often.  A dog tag isn’t a valuable item but it is more likely to be found with you than your wallet or cell phone. Now a days dog tags are very fashionable accessories. It compliments any attire one would wear.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on January 28, 2014


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