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  • Are You A Diabetic? Read This
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    Arf bark bark woof! … Oops sorry about that. Sometimes I forget to speak English.

    Hello my dearest friends, this is Burton the shop dog. Have you tried Smoked Corn Salad Recipe from my last blog post? We’ve done a recipe for diabetic; now let’s have a look at some diabetes tips. Ok, so here you go.


    Living with does not mean to worry every time and hold on fear. You just need to care proper care of yourself. You can have a happy and normal life if you control your diabetes with proper care and methods. Here are some useful diabetes tips that will help you control and manage your diabetes.
    ● Diabetic blood control

    Examine your glucose level before you have your breakfast, lunch, dinner or even before evening snack. Show your numbers to doctor and also take some suggestions to deal with it in even more better way.

    ● Take your diabetic medication

    Read and follow instructions accurately. Always see for expiry dates on medicines and warning labels. Diabetic Medication helps you control diabetes, so be attentive in using it.

    ● Examine your feet daily

    Diabetics are more likely to get foot problems because high glucose level destroys the nerves in feet. Never go anywhere barefoot. Use proper fitting shoes. After bath, check your body if you have any cuts or bruises and accordingly consult your doctor.

    ● Quit Smoking

    Smoking is harmful for diabetic; they are more prone to nerve damage and kidney disease. Smoking increases blood sugar levels. Once you quit smoking, you will reduce the chances of getting to type II diabetes.

    ● Exercise Regularly

    Exercise is proved to be good for everybody. It breaks down your stress, helps you to be active and relax. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Exercise or any physical activity helps to reduce the insulin resistance.

    ● Use a diabetes medical bracelet

    If you are suffering from type I and type II diabetes and in case of emergency, you should always have a Diabetic Bracelet or Diabetes Necklace that will help to get treated well and faster when you are not able to explain or speak about your condition to any medical professional.

    Or else you have further question about diabetes and how to control it; you can concern your doctor. I’ll come soon my new post. Only yours, Burton (The shop puppy)

    Published by My Identity Doctor on April 23, 2013


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