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  • Contribute Your Mite Towards Organ Donation with an ID Donor Bracelet
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    How about contributing your mite towards donation of different useful body organs by creating one’s own identity with a donor bracelet? Each year on the 14 th of  February as all are well aware, the day is marked to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but also equally observed as National Donor Day within the US.  A lot many lives are believed to be saved owing to the humanitarian attitude of numerous organ donors. With the awareness for organ donation spreading out far and wide, more and more individuals are volunteering their names towards this noble gesture, although the number of those waiting for organs to be donated far outstrips the number of donors. Campaign for organ donation includes blood, bone marrow, platelets, and tissues. It must be remembered that all these organs are renewable with in the body system after donation hence giving up a certain amount voluntarily does no physical harm unless one is medically advised not to donate. For those not being able to donate directly, taking part in the campaign for spreading awareness is also worth considering.

    Organ Donor Bracelet
    Organ Donor Bracelet

    Coming to wearing of a donor bracelet, it may be adorned by both donors and recipients alike. Supporters looking to spreading the cause of organ donation are also likely to adorn such a thoughtfully-designed donor bracelet. The idea is to spread the message of organ donation and also to provide a boost to the mind-set of donors who might possibly chicken out in the last moment. For those interested in having something really exclusive there are available pre-engraved organ donor bracelets. The organ donation bracelets look attractive with designs in curb chain, Figaro chain, and O-link chain etc. The engraved readings on the bracelets are usually in black and are easy to the eye thus making these just apt for concerned health workers to read and decipher the content. Besides it surely gives one a feeling of pride and satisfaction in being able to donate or at least help spread the message for human cause in such a meaningful manner.

    By infusing creativity in medical ID jewellery, especially the medical bracelet designs appear to be eye catching amongst the general public, and hopefully that day won’t be far off when one sees every individual adorning this bracelet thus helping human race in the true sense of the word.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on February 13, 2015


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