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  • Celebrating Mom This Mothers Day
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    To all the moms, grandmothers, and other special people who take the role of moms, Happy Mothers’ Day! Sometimes, we don’t take enough time to appreciate the people in our lives that take on the role of Mom—no matter what title they happen to go by!

    Celebrate Mothers Day on May 13 with your special “mom figure” by thinking of ways you can spend time together and do something different—Mothers Day can be about more than gifts! Last year, I gave my mom a “rain check” gift for us to go to Goat Yoga together—a fun and different experience that also made an interesting gift! (I also got my mom, aunt and grandma chocolate flowers from a Canadian chocolatier, because they were too cute not to!) 

    Your gift doesn’t have to be elaborate, just something to show you care.

    Healthy gifts are also a great way to celebrate mom: fancy fruit bouquets, a new medical ID bracelet or gift certificate (okay you saw that coming!), taking a fitness or cooking class together, or a book of smoothie recipes may fit the bill depending what Mom is into! 

    Commemorating without Mom—and perhaps even celebrating her

    For some, “Mom” is no longer around—Mothers Day can be difficult. Take care of yourself around Mothers Day, and if appropriate, think of ways that you can honour your Mom even though she may not be with you.

    Volunteering and chatting with others who need friendly visitors (friendly visitor programs are often available at nursing homes and seniors homes, where some tenants or residents may no longer have visitors. This can provide both of you companionship on what may be a hard day.

    Think of talents you have or ones your mother figure enjoyed to honour her. For example, planting a garden in your yard or community, may be a great way to celebrate Mom’s memory, keep busy, and bring a smile to those around you.

    These are just a few ideas how you may make a difficult day a little easier.

    Self-care on Mothers Day

    Mothers Day can be a good time to provide self-care or encourage Mom to do the same! Putting together a self-care pack—which can be just as important if Mom isn’t around—can provide a moment of pause and improve your outlook for days and weeks to come. Healthy treats, a new book or magazine, and bubble bath could be just a few ideas for your Mothers Day self-care kit. 

    As spring blossoms in, take some time to step back and reflect on how the “moms” in your life have shaped you. 

    Published by My Identity Doctor on May 6, 2018


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